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“There are little gems all around us that can hold glimmers of inspiration.” Indian School of Excellence Kuwait organized Enthusia Gem Fest’ 24, for the students of ISEK from 29th May to 3rd June 2024. It was a grand event that showcased the diverse talents and boundless enthusiasm of our students. The fest was a resounding success, bringing together students, teachers, and parents in a vibrant display of creativity and spirit. The Gem Fest kicked off with a series of Off-Stage events held on 29th and 30th of May. Over the course of five days, 34 competitions were held for 2550 participants. These events provided a platform for students to exhibit their skills and creativity in various fields. The Enthusia Gem Fest’ 24 Award ceremony was held on 5th June 2024. The event was graced by the presence of the Chief guest Dr. Naila Sami Faruki, the Guest of honour Mr. Manoj Mavelikara, Mr. Shaik Abdul Rahiman, Honorary Chairman to the Board of Trustees for ICSK and ISEK, Mr. Azharuddin Amer Mohammed, Honorary Secretary to the Board of Trustees for ICSK and ISEK, Mr. Vinukumar Nair Honorary Vice Chairman to the Board of trustees for I.C.S.K. and I.S.E.K., Principal of I.C.S.K. Khaitan, Mr. K. Gangadhar Shirsat, Principal of I.C.S.K. Junior Mrs. C. Sheeja, Vice Principal of I.C.S.K. Khaitan Mrs. Sushmeeta Prakash, Vice Principal of I.C.SK Junior, Mrs. Shanthi Krishna, and H.R Manager Mrs. Maysa. One of the highlights of the program was the diverse range of best performances from Enthusia competitions. The Prize distribution ceremony honoured the students with certificates and trophies for their efforts, dedication, and confidence. Special awards titled Incredible Gem, Sparkling Gem, Ethereal Gem and Kinder Gem were given to the students who won most prizes in each category. The programme culminated with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Bismitha Shamsudeen, Vice Prinicpal of Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait who thanked the management, the ISEK team and parents for their unwavering support. The Gems Fest surpassed all expectations, celebrating the remarkable talent, creativity, and unwavering school spirit. Winners and participants alike were left with cherished memories and a profound sense of achievement. Anticipation is already building for an even more spectacular Gem Fest next year!

KG Eid Assembly 2024-25

“Self-confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.” Kindergarten students of Indian School of Excellence celebrated an Eid special assembly with great flair and enthusiasm on May 22, 2024. The event was a delightful showcase of talent, cultural pride, and confidence. The assembly commenced with a serene Islamic prayer, setting a contemplative tone. The students of kindergarten actively participated in brief interactive speeches about confidence and the celebration of Eid. They also expressed their dreams and aspirations through enthusiastic dance performances. Mrs. Sherly Dennis, the Director of ISEK, praised the students for their spirited performances and highlighted the school’s commitment to fostering confidence in all learners. The assembly concluded with a heartfelt rendition of the Indian National Anthem, blending cultural and educational elements to promote unity and celebration.

Meet the Professional May 2024-25

The Indian School of Excellence proudly hosted a session on 15th May,2024 of "Meet the Professional and Empowering the Future Leaders - School Parliamentarians," featuring the esteemed Honorary Secretary to the Board of Trustees ICSK and ISEK, Mr. Azharuddin Amer. The session began with a warm welcome from the Director of Indian School of excellence, Mrs. Sherly Dennis, who presented Mr. Amer with a sapling as a token of love and respect. Mr. Amer focused on the pivotal role of leadership, emphasizing how effective leaders can drive positive change and inspire others. His engaging and motivational talk encouraged students to embrace leadership roles with confidence and a sense of responsibility. The session also included an interactive session under “Meet the Professional" initiative, where Mr. Amer shared his extensive knowledge about the field of investment banking. He explained the significance of investment banking in the financial sector and outlined the responsibilities of an investment banker. He simplified complex financial concepts and made the session accessible and interesting for the students. Mr. Amer responded with enthusiasm to the insightful questions by our students. The event concluded with a felicitation and thanking Mr. Amer for his invaluable contribution to the students' educational journey. Overall, the session was a tremendous success, leaving the young parliamentarians and students of Grade 8 and 9 of the Indian School of Excellence empowered and inspired.

Investiture Ceremony 2024

The Investiture Ceremony held at the Indian School of Excellence on 7th May marked a significant milestone, highlighting the emergence of new leaders within the school community. It served as a celebration of leadership and unity, symbolizing the commencement of a new chapter for the school parliamentarians. The event was graced by esteemed chief guest Mr. James Jacob, the Second Secretary of the Embassy of India to Kuwait, Director of the school Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Vice Principal Mrs. Bismitha Shamsuddin, and Primary Supervisor Mrs. Priya Mageshvaran. Mr. James Jacob bestowed sashes and badges upon the newly elected panel of school Parliamentarians, and Mrs. Sherly Dennis administered the oath, emphasizing the significance of deeds in leadership and the importance of actions over mere words. The chief guest addressed the gathering, shedding light on the election procedures happening in India and elaborating on the duties and responsibilities of a leader. Miss Aleeza Joseph, the elected school parliament President, delivered an acceptance speech reflecting a profound commitment to leadership guided by humility and compassion. And the School Parliament Prime Minister, Master Zishan Ali Kazim, emphasized the importance of leadership and service in his gratitude and promise speech. The ceremony concluded with expressions of gratitude from Mrs. Bismitha Shamsudeen and a rendition of the Indian National Anthem, symbolizing unity and patriotism. This Investiture Ceremony not only marked a significant moment for the school but also laid the foundation for a future generation of principled and effective leaders, dedicated to serving their community with excellence and integrity.

Special Eid Assembly - Grade 2

The Indian School of Excellence hosted a remarkable Eid Assembly on May 2,2024 centered around its core philosophy of 'Responsible,' emphasizing the significance of unity. The event commenced with a warm welcome extended to the esteemed dignitaries: Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Director of ISEK; Mrs. Bismitha Shamsudeen, Vice Principal; and Supervisors Mrs. Priya Mageshvaran and Mrs. Madeeha M.K. The assembly began on a traditional note with Mrs. Sherly Dennis, the Director, lighting a lamp, symbolizing goodness and joy, a cherished tradition at ISEK. Students engaged in insightful thoughts on responsibility, compassion, and empathy. The skit 'Eid Joy: Celebrating Unity and Blessings' and a melodious Eid Mubarak song captivated the attendees. A mesmerizing dance performance and Fashion Parade celebrating cultural diversity, added creative flair to the event. In essence, the Eid Assembly provided a platform for reflection, dialogue, and action, fostering a culture of unity and responsibility among the students. Mrs. Sherly Dennis addressed the gathering, extended appreciation to both students and staff for their commendable efforts in making the event a resounding success.

Labour Day Celebrations 2024

“Labour Day is a time to honor the hard work and dedication of workers around the world” Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait honored Labourers' Day with generous contributions from students on May 1, 2024. As a tribute to the invaluable contributions of support staff, students of Indian School of Excellence under the guidance of the Director, Mrs. Sherly Dennis came together to mark Labourers' Day in a unique and compassionate manner. Demonstrating their appreciation for the dedicated individuals who ensure the smooth functioning of the school, students engaged in a collective effort to gather essential items ranging from grocery to toiletries. The thoughtful initiative culminated during the morning assembly where the collected items were distributed among the support staff members. Amidst a backdrop of gratitude and the school community united to acknowledge the tireless efforts of these unsung heroes, recognizing their indispensable role in shaping the school environment. Through this meaningful gesture, Indian School of Excellence not only celebrated Labourers' Day but also underscored the significance of compassion and solidarity in fostering a harmonious community. Such initiatives serve as a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing empathy and recognizing the invaluable contributions.

Meet the Professional April 2024-25

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." Nelson Mandela The Meet the Professional session held at the Indian School of Excellence on April 24th, 2024, was a thought-provoking and inspirational gathering aimed at guiding students toward informed career decisions. Mrs. Cisal Geo, a distinguished educator renowned for her expertise in special education and inclusive practices, served as the guest speaker, leaving a lasting impression on the students. The event commenced with a warm welcome extended to Mrs. Cisal Geo. Mrs. Sherly Dennis, the Director of ISEK, took the stage to emphasize the importance of making thoughtful career choices. She underscored Mrs. Cisal Geo's exemplary leadership traits, particularly her emphasis on selecting careers that align with one's passion and contribute to the betterment of society. Mrs. Cisal Geo eloquently shared her deep understanding and accentuated the value of accepting children for who they are, offering her thoughts on students with autism and similar difficulties. Her words resonated with the audience, highlighting the importance of fostering supportive settings that nurture the academic, social, and emotional development of all students. A heartfelt felicitation was then extended to Mrs. Cisal Geo, recognizing her invaluable contributions to the event. Director Mrs. Sherly Dennis, alongside Vice Principal Mrs. Bismitha Shamsudeen, presented a memento as a token of appreciation, acknowledging Mrs. Cisal Geo's significant role in guiding students toward fulfilling career paths.

UMANG Assembly 2024

“Confidence the belief in oneself and one’s abilities, is essential for success in every aspect of life.” The inaugural assembly UMANG marked the beginning of the new academic year 2024-25 at Indian School of Excellence on April 25, 2024 with our School philosophy ‘Confidence’. The assembly commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief guest Mrs. Moli Divakaran, (Senior Lecturer, Kuwait Technical College), Director Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Vice- Principal Mrs. Bismitha Shamsudeen and Supervisors Mrs.Priya and Mrs. Madeeha and Mrs. Cleeva. Mrs. Sherly Dennis Director of Indian School of Excellence, addressed the students, emphasizing the significance of the 10 philosophies of the school and encouraging the students to embody the importance of confidence as a cornerstone of success in academics, extracurricular activities and beyond. Throughout the assembly, the theme of confidence resonated in various forms, from motivational speech to mesmerizing dance performances and foot tapping songs. All events highlighted the message that 'nothing is impossible.' The Chief Guest Mrs. Moli Divakaran shared her insights and experiences on the importance of confidence in achieving personal goals. Her words resonated with the audience, serving as beacons of inspiration and encouragement for all present. The Chief Guest was felicitated with a memento as a gesture of appreciation. The assembly concluded with a rendition of the Indian National Anthem, fostering a sense of unity and pride among participants

ISEK student Omesh Cherukuri is National Astronomy Challenge (NAC) achiever

Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait (ISEK) proudly announces the achievement of Grade VI student Master Omesh Cherukuri in the National Astronomy Challenge(NAC). He attained the highest national position in this captivating Olympiad designed for students in Grades 4 to 9, with an impressive score of 99.20%. The National Astronomy Challenge, organized by STEM & Space (an organization affiliated with ISRO), was held in January 2024. We extend our warmest wishes to Master Omesh Cherukuri and his family for the outstanding achievement and wish him the best for his future endeavours!

Parent Orientation 2024-25

The Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait organized a parent orientation on March 27, 2024, to familiarize parents with the school's guidelines, and resources, Digital Learning Suit (DLS) and to encourage their active involvement in their children’s educational journey. Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Director of Indian School of Excellence, warmly welcomed parents and emphasized their crucial role in their ward’s lives. She emphasized the significance of effective communication in parenting, stressing the avoidance of excessive use of gadgets and instead focusing on instilling positive habits in children. Additionally, she highlighted the school's philosophy and how it guides the nurturing of the students in accordance with its principles. She emphasized key initiatives aimed at fostering critical thinking and creativity among our students, ensuring they are well-prepared for future. Mrs. Bismitha Shamsudeen, Vice Principal, discussed a comprehensive academic summary. She elaborated on the school’s educational goals, emphasizing the importance of holistic development. Mrs. Cleeva Gonsalves, KG supervisor, shared general instructions for KG parents. The orientation provided valuable insights into the school's offerings and support systems.

Kindergarten Graduation 2023-2024

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – A.A. Milne. The INDIAN SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE organized a heartwarming Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony, spanning two separate days on March 6th and 7th. The event commenced with an Islamic prayer, followed by a heart-rending prayer song and the Kuwait National Anthem. Mrs. Sherly Dennis, the Director, warmly welcomed everyone, and emphasized the role of parents in today’s tech-driven world. Graduating students reflected on their enriching UKG experiences, celebrating their growth and learning journey. Esteemed Chief Guests, Mr. Britto Arthur and Mrs. Smida P. Devadasan delivered inspiring speeches. Additionally, they echoed the Director, Mrs. Sherly Dennis’s poignant message about the crucial role of parenting in today’s fast-paced world. Proud graduates received certificates, signifying their successful completion of UKG. The audience enjoyed captivating glimpses of the students’ journey through a visual presentation. LKG students showcased their talents through enchanting performances, leaving the audience mesmerized. The graduation ceremony culminated with Vice-Principal Mrs. Bismitha Shamsudeen expressing heartfelt gratitude to all contributors who made these special days successful. Truly remarkable, both days etched lasting memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

Sports Day

The Indian School of Excellence hosted its highly anticipated Annual Sports Day, a triumphant celebration of athleticism and teamwork. Kindergarten had their sports day on January 29, 2024 and classes 1 to 8 on February 1, 2024. The day kicked off with a captivating skating march, setting an electrifying tone for the day. Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Director of Indian School of Excellence inaugurated the event by hoisting the flag, followed by an exciting cycle rally featuring representatives from the four houses. Throughout the day, students engaged in various track events, including running, arch races, and hurdle relay showcasing inspiring levels of determination and flexibility. Cultural performances, including dance and music, added an extra layer of excitement and entertainment for the audience. Students of Kindergarten participated in 25 meters running race, Group Relay race, Get Ready to school and Hula-Hoop hurdle race. For the very first time, Pre-Kg students also participated enthusiastically in 20 meters running race. The school quadrangle reverberated with cheers from students and teachers. The events of the Kindergarten Sports day concluded with the Teacher’s group race. On the other hand, the highlight of the Primary Sports Day was the recognition of outstanding performances of the athletes for their exceptional skill, sportsmanship, and teamwork with trophies, medals, and certificates. Best Athlete titles were declared, for showing extraordinary participation in a wide range of sports competitions, truly embodying the spirit of our school. These exceptional individuals were graciously honored with trophies and certificates, acknowledging their outstanding accomplishments with great admiration. A noteworthy initiative by the parliamentarians included a juice corner, with proceeds dedicated to the education of a child, providing joy and refreshment to all attendees. In essence, the Annual Sports Day truly reflected the school's values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance.

Teachers Day Assembly

Teachers Day- My Teacher My Role Model "Teachers inspire, enlighten, and shape the future. They are not just educators; they are our guiding stars, our mentors, and our role models." The Indian School of Excellence Kuwait conducted KG assembly on 18th October 2023. The theme of the assembly was " My Teacher My Role Model " on the occasion of World Teachers Day. Our UKG students enacted a day showcasing how Teachers spend their day with the students. They realized the importance of being confident with the help of an act about rainbow. They also acquired knowledge about renowned educators from across the globe, who have made significant contributions and serve as contemporary role models. Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Director of the Indian School of Excellence Kuwait, addressed the audience, commended on how Teachers hard work and efforts help students grow. She also appreciated the students for their enthusiasm and participation. It was encouraging to see the students come together and showcase their talents and dedication towards celebrating World Teachers Day. The assembly ended with the Indian National Anthem.

ISEK Gandhi Jayanti celebrations

Mahatma Gandhi often said, "Future depends on what we do in our present".’ On the historic occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, students of ISEK conducted a special assembly on October 2, 2023, to mark the birth anniversary of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and to revive his teachings for truth, non-violence, peace and harmony. The special performances of patriotic song & dance took us on a historic journey of wisdom, determination, and non-violence as we explored glimpses from the meaningful life of Mahatma Gandhi. The students presented a skit on "Gandhiji’s Philosophy" to understand the concept of Satya - truth and Ahimsa - non-violence. The skit emphasized the importance of selecting the right path and solving problem without hurting others. It also focused on how the smallest actions brings about big changes. The students represented great personalities of India, strongly focused on "Wisdom—choosing the right path,” which is one of the philosophies of the school. To mark this moment of wisdom, the students pledged an oath together to follow the path of truth and wisdom, non-violence and forgiveness, caring and sharing, and always choosing the right path. The Director, Mrs. Sherly Dennis addressed the gathering with her sweet words of wisdom and reminded everyone gathered, of the importance of following the right path. She encouraged the children to follow Gandhiji’s path of Satya and Ahimsa in their daily routine. The assembly concluded with expression of gratitude to everyone present for joining the assembly and the Indian National Anthem. The assembly helped the students to learn more about Gandhiji and inculcate his philosophy in day-to-day life.


"Growing with integrity means choosing what is right, and not what is easy." In a heartwarming display of unity and values, Indian School of Excellence Kuwait recently hosted a captivating KG assembly that left attendees inspired and enlightened. The assembly, held on 13th September 2023, centered around the theme of "Grow Together" with a particular focus on the value of Integrity. The assembly commenced with a soulful recitation from the Holy Quran and the school prayer. The Kuwait national anthem evoked patriotic fervor among the audience. A riveting skit by the students entertained the students as well as gave them a very important lesson of unity. An enchanting Integrity Action Song showcased harmony through integrity and a lively dance performance highlighted the exceptional talents of the students. Mrs. Sherly Dennis emphasized integrity as a guiding life principle. The assembly concluded with the Indian National Anthem, reinforcing the message of unity and diversity.


Indian School of Excellence gives a tribute to India's Language of Heart on Hindi Diwas. “हिंदी भारतीय संस्कृति की आत्मा है। (Hindi is the soul of Indian culture.)” Hindi, our nation's language, holds a special place in the hearts of all Indians. The language that not only enables conversation but also reveals the essence of an individual's personality. On September 14, 2023, the Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait radiated with the spirit of Hindi Diwas, a lively tribute to the heartbeat of Indian culture. This remarkable event, thoughtfully orchestrated by students from grades 1 to 8, was a heartfelt gesture of appreciation for their beloved teachers. The day commenced with the recitation of Islamic and School Prayer, instilling tranquillity in the hearts and minds of all attendees. Students showcased their talents, which included Hindi Conversations, Hindi Advertisements, Hindi Skits, Doha Gayan (recitation of traditional Hindi couplets), and soul-stirring songs. Mesmerizing dance performances added to the event's infectious energy, leaving the audience captivated. The celebration featured an inspiring address by Mrs. Sherly Dennis, the Director of ISEK, who underscored the pivotal role of language in defining a nation's identity. She emphasized that every country takes immense pride in its own language, and Hindi is no exception. In her address, Mrs. Sherly Dennis shared words of encouragement and wisdom, motivating the students to strive for excellence in their pursuits. The assembly reached its pinnacle with the harmonious rendition of the National Anthem, symbolizing the unity and pride of our country at the Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait.


ISEK hosted an informative and engaging Parents Orientation for Pre-KG students for the academic year 2023-24. The event, held at the school premises brought together the parents, teacher and young learners in a collaborative effort to ensure smooth transition to school life. Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Director of ISEK addressed the Parents and provided valuable insight on how to be more present in their child’s life, avoid long exposure to various forms of social media. She even suggested activities that would help the parents bond further with their tiny tots. She encouraged open communication and collaboration between the parents and teacher, emphasizing the importance of parent-teacher partnership in a child’s educational journey. The Parents Orientation for Pre-KG marked the beginning of a strong and supportive relationship between the school, parents and the youngest members of the society.


“True happiness involves the full use of one's power and talents.” Indian School of Excellence Kuwait organized Enthusia Gem Fest’ 23, exclusively for the students of ISEK from June 1 to June 4. The inaugural ceremony was held on June 1, 2023, and was graced by the esteemed presence of the Chief Guest, Mrs. Shatabdi Mukherjee, RJ at Marina Mango, and a Singer, whose majestic presence enlivened the spirits of the young artists.
The event started with the recitation of holy verses from the Quran. The school choir presented both the Indian & Kuwait National Anthems and the welcome song. True to the theme, a medley of the events set the floor on fire with their energetic performances and this was a reflection to introduce the four categories of Enthusia Gem Fest’23, which included Incredible Gems, Sparkling Gems, Ethereal Gems, and Kinder Gems. The event was formally inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mrs. Shatabdi Mukherjee and the Director of ISEK Mrs. Sherly Dennis by lighting the lamp and unveiling the exquisite Enthusia Gem Fest’23 poster. Over the course of three days, 28 competitions were held for 1500 participants. The award ceremony was conducted on June 6, 2023. The event was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest, Mr. Shemej Kumar, and the Guest of Honor Mr. Vinod Kumar, Mr. Shaik Abdul Rahiman, Honorary Chairman to the Board of Trustees for ICSK and ISEK, Mr. Azharuddin Amer Mohammed, Honorary Secretary to the Board of Trustees for ICSK and ISEK, Mr. K. Gangadhar, Principal of ICSK Khaitan, Mr. Rajesh Nair, Principal of ICSK Amman, Mrs. C. Sheeja, Principal of ICSK Junior and Mrs. Maysa, H.R Manager.
One of the highlights of the program was the diverse range of best performances from Enthusia competitions on display. The competitions conducted showcased both intellectual and performing arts providing a dynamic platform where participants can interweave their artistic skills with intellectual depth.
The Prize distribution ceremony honoured the students for their efforts, dedication and confidence. More than 100 students bagged certificates and trophies from 4 categories which include Incredible Gems, Sparkling Gems, Ethereal Gems and Kinder Gems. The Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Members of the Board of Trustees, Principals from other branches of Indian Community School and the Director of ISEK awarded trophies and certificates to the winners.
Special awards titled Incredible Gem, Sparkling Gem, Ethereal Gem and Kinder Gem were given to the students who won most prizes in each category.
The programme culminated with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Bismitha Shamsuddin, Vice Principal of Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait who thanked the management, ISEK team and parents for their unwavering support.

Eid Celebrations

Happiness is an emotion; Positivity is a mindset. The Indian School of Excellence Kuwait conducted Eid assembly for the academic year 2023-24 on Thursday, 4th May. The theme of the assembly for KG was "My family, my strength" and for primary was "Celebrate Positivity (Humanity)."The KG students presented a skit on "Accountability and Eid" which emphasized the importance of being accountable for one's actions and how families are there to help us stay on the right path. A dance of family celebrations and fashion show “Glam Jam” were the cherry on the cake. ISEK's talented singers of Primary performed a melodious Eid Mubarak song, and also delivered a skit on "Love to Humanity and Compassion." The assembly ended with a lively group dance titled "EID Sayeed."The assembly successfully conveyed the message of the importance of positivity and the spirit of Eid. The Director of the Indian School of Excellence Kuwait, Mrs. Sherly Dennis, addressed the audience and commended the students for their hard work and effort and also, shared her valuable thoughts on humanity and encouraged students to celebrate positivity in all aspects of life. The celebrations concluded with a vote of thanks to everyone present for joining the celebration and for honoring the importance of family and accountability in their lives.

UMANG - Begin to Create

The start of something new brings the hope of something great. Anything is possible. UMANG - Begin to Create, the first assembly at The Indian School of Excellence in Kuwait for the academic year 2023–24, was conducted on 17th April, 2023. Mrs. Meghna Mogra, Wellness Coach, the Chief Guest, graced the special occasion. The assembly’s memorable moment was a fantastic movie that highlighted ISEK’s development from its inception. Each student at ISEK is nurtured to develop into a strong individual, much like a seed grows into a seedling. For everyone, it was a truly emotional and proud occasion. An insight on ISEK philosophy – Impactful Education was provided. Based on the topic “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently,” the children presented an exceptional dance drama. Everyone in the room started tapping their feet to the song “We are the Dreamers,” presented by the school choir. The rhythm of the song made the children beam with happiness. Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Director of ISEK, addressed the audience. She congratulated the students and the teachers for working together to put on the fantastic performance. She also wished children a joyous start to the academic year, full of excitement. Vice Principal - Mrs. Bismitha Shamsudheen also addressed the students and wished them Good Luck for the upcoming academic year. In addition to teaching the pupils some quick and simple exercises, the Chief Guest, Mrs. Meghana Mogra, also sang a pleasant song to help create a relaxing atmosphere. She provided the students with a wonderful example with her speech and demeanour toward the children.


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